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Rekto Verso

Rekto:verso is a free bi-monthly magazine that looks at the world from an arts and culture perspective. It offers curious culture lovers an in-depth look on film, performing arts, music, literature and visual arts, and links them to current cultural issues. Rekto:verso wants to dig deeper than newspapers and radio, but be more accessible than trade journals. In short, as a ‘magazine on culture and criticism’ we wish to ensure that society gets more attention for the arts, and that the arts become more aware of society.

Now they wanted to change their website to a responsive one (able to function efficiently on tablets and smartphones). So I created a new design for their website. I kept the style they used before but with some changes in navigation. On the homepage, you can see pictures passing by. They represent the other articles of the month. This way you can see al the articles of the month without searching and scrolling down.


On a smartphone you immediately see an article, but when you scroll down, you see all the other articles. Notice the big search-bar, where you can easyly find what you where looking for. If you prefer to search an article by section, that’s an option as well. And to find a specific edition of recto verso, go to ‘all editions’ and swipe to the cover or title you regognize. All the tools to quickly find what you were looking for, in a responsive way.

You can see how this system also works on a tablet.

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