My Way

My Way

Do you know the problem of missing your train because your bus was late? And you have to explain the hole story to your boss or teacher once again? My Way is the application you have to use if you need different modes of transportation to get there. You put in from where to where you need to go and which modes of transportation you prefer to use. My Way will show you all the easiest and fastest possibilities. You’ll be warned when there will be a delay that has influence on the rest of your route and will offer you alternatives. Just do it your way. Use My Way.


Here you can see the animated version of the app to see how it works: My Way Mockups

My Way Mockups

My Way Mockups2

My Way Mockups3

My Way Mockups4

My Way Mockups5

My Way Mockups6

My Way Mockups7

My Way Mockups8

My Way Mockups9

My Way Mockups10

My Way Mockups11

My Way Mockups12

My Way Mockups13

My Way Mockups14

My Way Mockups15

My Way Mockups16

My Way Mockups17

My Way Mockups18

My Way Mockups19

My Way Mockups20

My Way Mockups21

My Way Mockups22

My Way Mockups23

My Way Mockups24

My Way Mockups25

My Way Mockups26

My Way Mockups27

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