Bits & Bites

The collected app is a continuation of the infographics I created for the magazine collected.
There are three pages in the application:


The digital universe 2009-2020

In 2009, we used 0,8 ZB of memory.
This amount is growing by a factor of 44.
By 2020 we will use 35 ZB of memory.

With this application, you can order the storage devices by name, date,
storage-capacity and weight. You can also press a device and and get to know more about it.

Decimal prefixes for multiples of bites

One big circle of dods includes 1000 dods. This stands for example that one yotabit includes exactly 1000 zettabits en that one zettabit includes 1000 exabits and so on. Each prefix is magnified when you zoom in. You can zoom in by enlarging the picture with your fingers, or uou can use the zoom-bar on the left. You can zoom in until you see one bit.

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