Modular calendar



IMG_3830This project is realized together with another student. The end result is a large object. We did not design an ordinary calendar but a special one for Modular, a Belgian company producing design lightning.

First we checked the typical product features and values of Modular: minimalism, architecture and experimentalism. Then we worked these elements into our own design.



calenderHowever, there is an even broader concept behind this calendar.  A clear evolution of time can be seen. In winter time the days are much shorter than in summer time : therefore our calendar has shorter rods for the winter months and longer ones for the summer months.

Additionally, we have compared the use of artificial light in the winter with the summer. In winter time there is an abundant use of artificial light: to reflect this in our design, the rods for the winter months transmit more light than these of the summer months.


calenderIMG_3859The end result is an experimental and minimalistic calendar consisting out of a plywood box of 1.5 meter length with 365 plastic rods. The fluorescent lamp illuminates these rods which is quite important for a design lightning company as Modular.