Installation climate change


Climate change, we can’t escape from it. The average temperature on earth is going to rise with at least 2 degrees. Also in Belgium this problem has consequences. The biggest threat for Belgium is the rising sea level.The human beings are creating this problem as we produce a lot of carbon emissions. These emissions form a big layer in the atmosphere. So the sun heat created by the reflecting of the sun on the earth cannot escape anymore resulting in an increase of the average temperature. This is called the greenhouse effect. As a result the polar ice melts and the sea level rises and many years later, a big part of Flanders is going to overflow.


Time to make the Belgians aware of this problem. So I designed an installation existing of a chimney, plexi maquette of Belgium and an animation of the greenhouse effect. The chimney is the symbol of our carbon emissions: the average carbon emissions of the Belgians are indicated on it.