Giro giro exhibition


installationThis exhibition is about the poems ‘giro giro tondo’ of Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer. I worked out two poems with two other students. We wanted to create interaction and involvement with the visitors of the exhibition.

The first poem is about denying a relation problem. The woman in the poem wants to save her relationship. But when the couple starts talking about serieus things, they always get into discussions.

We visualized these problems in a dinning room, which is described in the poem. We create this room with a turn-over table, a kitchen cabinet, shards and a painting. Through this painting, the world of the man is visualised : he turns away from the relation problems. He stays in the relationship because the woman seduces him.




In the second poem, the man prefers fantasy above his relationship. We started from a phrase in the poem ‘ at an empty painted canvas’. So we visualized this with a white shelf with pictures of his woman. These pictures are covered with a little cloth, so visitors can lift it up. The installation is isolated from the exhibiton to make people think about the ideal image we have concerning women.