Enamel mixing table


periocis-systemThe periodic system or table of Mendeljev exists since 1869. Each year scientists discover new chemical elements. It was my task to redesign this table.

Of course the table of Mendeljev is mostly used by chemists. But also archeologists and artists work with it. Also ceramics use the periodic table frequently to make enamel to give color to their art work.

My table consits out of the different chemical elements which are needed to make enamel for ceramics. The chemical substances are connected with each other : in the middle of the connection lines there is a ceramic square with the color of the enamel. So you can see wich substances are needed for a specific color.

I called this table the ´enamel mixing table´. The round form of the table refers to a potter’s wheel and the table can also be rotated. So it’s easy and efficient to work with it. Ceramists will love it!