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stories from far and long ago

The stories we hear when we are young are the stories we remember, but we don’t know anything about the stories children hear in other countries. Possessing over a rich archive of tales from far and long ago, Mondiaal Narratief Erfgoed (MNE) tries to bring these stories to a broad public, both young and old. […]

leica – calendar

A calendar is a way to visualise the time in an orderly manner. The task was to combine this given with a brand, and in our case, this was Leica. This was a team work, and my companion Tom Van Keer and I decided to work around the legacy of Leica and its reputation lasting […]

visualisation for babel

An other school assignment during my second year at Sint-Lukas in Brussels! For the Media course, I was always looking for new ways to visualise information. During this assignment, we (the students) were given four movies, and it was our task to visualise a data analyzation of that movie. Babel, a so called mosaic movie, […]

A book full of penguins

During the past school year and within the context of my drawing course, I spent some of my time sketching the magnificent penguin. Why penguins, you may ask? Good question. I sought to find the perfect way to draw these amazing flightless birds, by analysing the construction and shapes of the bodies of many penguin […]

collected – magazine and website

Collected is a fictional magazine about the history and culture of collecting. The assignment was to create the first edition of the magazine, an experimental publication with articles about Frederik Ruysch, Cabinets of Curiosities, Data Archives, Fritz Kahn and many more. Only the textual content was delivered, and it was my task to make it […]

rekto:verso – responsive website redesign

The good people at rekto:verso, magazine for culture and critique, offered our class a chance to redesign their website from the ground up. A responsive layout was essential for this assignment. I wanted to offer the user an optimal reading experience, and a better and much more simple flow. The main idea behind my redesign […]

tika – corporate identity

The goal of this assignment was to create a brand identity for TIKA – Soul Furniture, a fictional designer collective, in a period of six weeks. The only information given was that it would be a Belgian start-up, but aiming at the international market. I imagined the designers at TIKA would be self-centered, not really […]